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Welcome to North Dover School where students, teachers, parents and community members work collaboratively to provide an optimum and productive learning environment for students to achieve their maximum potential. In addition to our Kindergarten through Sixth Grade classes, our school also houses the district’s Early Childhood Program for four year olds, a primary level special education self-contained class and K-6 bilingual classes for eligible students in the district. Three of the district’s Gifted and Talented classes (Grades Two, Three and Four) are also housed at North Dover School.

To address the varied learning styles of our students, North Dover teachers implement current research-based instructional strategies, state of the art technology and differentiation practices. Our teachers participate in numerous professional development opportunities including Professional Learning Committees, content based and technology workshops offered throughout the school year; common planning periods; vertical and horizontal collaboration with our school and district staff members, peer facilitated workshops addressing specific building needs, use of interactive faculty meetings to encourage peer sharing of instructional strategies and/or classroom technology; and participation in pertinent professional development webinars. Technology is embedded in cross-curricular lesson delivery as evidenced by the daily use of our interactive Promethean boards in all classrooms, the Apple computer section in our Media Center, our multiple mobile Macbook Air laptop carts, and the use of classroom sets of iPads and Kindles. Every classroom is equipped with Wi-Fi connections and computers for both staff and student use. In addition, personal Macbook laptops are provided to all teachers for their professional use to develop interactive flip charts for lesson planning and delivery as well as to ensure the effective utilization of the interactive board in their classroom for classroom instruction.

Mr. Pandolfo,  Principal

Email: ppandolfo@dover-nj.org
Tel: 973-989-2020
Fax: 973-361-2117


Ms. Ramirez,  Vice Principal

Tel: 973 989 2020
Fax: 973-361-2117

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