Welcome to Our School

East Dover Elementary School is a diverse, close-knit school community consisting of 520 Kindergarten through sixth grade students and their teachers. East Dover Elementary continues to share the gymnasium, media center, and cafeteria facilities with East Dover Middle School. The students of East Dover Elementary School are exposed to a curriculum that aims to meet and exceed the standards of excellence set forth by the state of New Jersey. Teachers are responsible for creating dynamic and engaging lesson plans with infused technology that reflects the needs of children with varying learning styles and abilities within their heterogeneously grouped classes. Special education students are served through a variety of modalities, including two self-contained classes, a resource room program, differentiated instruction, mainstreaming, and the use of highly qualified classroom aides.

Mrs. Clarrett,  Principal

Email: tclarrett@dover-nj.org
Tel: 973 989 2040
Fax: 973-361-2117

Ms. Carlton,  Vice Principal

Email: hcarlton@dover-nj.org
Tel: 973-989-2053
Fax: 973-361-2117