Honors Learning Community

About the Community

Dover High School offers the Honors Learning Community for students in Grade 9. The purpose is to provide an interdisciplinary thematic approach to promote student learning. Emphasis is placed on creating a collaborative culture between students and teachers. A rigorous academic program that establishes high standards is maintained in Learning Community classes. Students must apply for entrance into the Learning Community. Acceptance will be based on a specific set of criteria that includes: teacher recommendation, honor roll, standardized test results, and a student essay. Students who obtain two grades of “C” in any one course may not be permitted to continue in the program.

Featured Courses

English Honors

English I Honors is designed to provide an in-depth study of multiple genres. Drawing upon the literature, art, music, and history of different eras, the Learning Community takes a thematic approach toward the humanities.

Biology Honors

This is a laboratory course and is open only to students admitted to the Learning Community. The course of study goes beyond college preparatory Biology in terms of the depth and pace.

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