Student Assistance Counselor

About the SAC

Dover School District has established a comprehensive Student Assistance Program to help students. The Student Assistance Program provides education, prevention, early identification, referrals, and intervention as well as individual and group support. Our Student Assistance Counselor is here to help you and your child.

What is a Student Assistance Counselor?

A Student Assistance Counselor (SAC) assists students with any personal issue that negatively impacts their learning or emotional development. The SAC meets with students on an individual or small group basis to help them develop coping skills and solve problems.

Parents sometimes seek the assistance of the SAC for information, intervention and referral services. Faculty members often request the support of the SAC in order to identify individual students in need of help. The SAC may also provide training to staff on a wide range of issues that may impact student behavior and functioning in the classroom.

All conversations between students and the SAC are confidential. However, issues related to suicidal or homicidal intent or child abuse are not protected by the federal confidentiality laws.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your child’s SAC:

Mrs. Victoria Szabo, MA, LPC


Where Can I Get More Information?

Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying


Stop Bullying                                                     


Bystander Revolution                                       


Stomp Out Bullying                                          


Drugs and Alcohol


National Institute on Drug Abuse                     


Just Think Twice                                               


Partnership for Drug Free Kids                         


The Cool Spot                                                    


Partnership for Drug Free New Jersey             


Mental Health


2nd Floor Youth Helpline                                   


NJ Mental Health Cares                                    


National Alliance on Mental Illness                 


Erika’s Lighthouse                                             


Suicide Prevention


Suicide Prevention Lifeline                               


American Foundation for Suicide Prevention  


The Jason Foundation                                       


Jed Foundation                                                 


Morris County Resources


Morris County Human Services                        


Morris/Sussex Resource Net                            


 Important Telephone Numbers


National Suicide Prevention Hotline                                                  800-273-TALK


2nd Floor Youth Helpline                                                                     888-222-2228


NJ Mental Health Cares                                                                      866-202-HELP


NJ Addiction Services Hotline                                                             1-844-276-2777

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