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The Social Studies Department offers a combination of required and elective courses to satisfy the needs of all students. Starting with the Class of 2018, United States History I and II are required courses in the 9th and 10th grades. World History and Cultures is an 11th grade requirement. All other courses are offered on an elective basis so that students interested in the social sciences have the opportunity to develop and broaden their interests in fields such as psychology, sociology, government, and law. As a result of being enrolled in Social Studies courses, students will continue to develop their reading, writing and research skills. Also, emphasis will be placed on development of oral communications skills through reports and discussion of various student research projects.

Featured Courses

US History FAPA

Students in the grade 9 Fine and Performing Arts Academy will receive a variation of the Dover High School U.S. History I curriculum. While many of the traditional components will be taught, an emphasis will be placed on how history affected the arts of the time period.

Criminal Justice

This course will expose students to many aspects of the criminal justice system including federal and state law, law enforcement, criminal forensics, court and jail systems, and private sector security. Students will be involved in activities intended to promote a variety of individual skills.


In addition to our regular classes, our department provides specialized coursework for students of the following academies:

Fine and Performing Arts

The Dover High School Fine and Performing Arts Academy is a comprehensive program designed for students with an interest in the arts and arts exploration.

Health Science Academy

The Dover High School Health Sciences Academy is a comprehensive four-year program designed for students with an interest in pursuing careers in a variety of health and medical fields.

Honors Learning Community

Dover High School offers the Honors Learning Community for students in Grade 9. The purpose is to provide an interdisciplinary thematic approach to promote student learning.

AP Capstone

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are college level courses with a higher expectation than honors and college preparatory courses. Upon the completion of these courses, students are prepared for the appropriate AP Exam.

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