Physical Education

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The Physical Education program at Dover High School seeks to bring about the well-rounded development of all students so they may be better prepared to take their places as responsible citizens in our society. The Physical Education and Health Program is designed to promote proper health and safety habits, desirable moral standards, and social attitudes, and to develop the students physically by participating in team sports and recreational activities geared for leisure time in adult life.

Featured Courses

Pursuit of Fitness and Nutrition

The goal of the course is to introduce students to fitness and nutrition encompassing a multitude of perspectives. Students will engage in an array of physical fitness training techniques and innovative nutritional concepts.

Rutgers Dynamics of Healthcare

Dynamics of Health Care in Society is an orientation to health care and delivery, from an interdisciplinary perspective, with a focus on process skills to include critical thinking, ethical reasoning, effective communication, and self-directed learning abilities.


In addition to our regular classes, our department provides specialized coursework for students of the following academies:

Health Science Academy

The Dover High School Health Sciences Academy is a comprehensive four-year program designed for students with an interest in pursuing careers in a variety of health and medical fields.

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