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About the Department

The mission of the Dover High School English Department is to challenge students to think critically and to communicate effectively. A sequence of courses has been designed to provide all students with a comprehensive four-year study of literature and writing. Activities in vocabulary, research, grammar, and critical reading will be part of each course. Intensive preparation for the PARCC assessments in Language Arts, the SAT, and college placement tests will be offered.

Featured Courses

AP English Literature

This course challenges students to read and interpret a wide range of imaginative works. The course invites students to explore a variety of genres and literary periods and to write clearly about the literature they encounter.

Writing for the Medical Professional

This course provides writing skill training for students preparing for collegiate study in the scientific professions. Throughout the semester, students are expected to engage in revision of all assignments.


In addition to our regular classes, our department provides specialized coursework for students of the following academies:

Fine and Performing Arts

The Dover High School Fine and Performing Arts Academy is a comprehensive program designed for students with an interest in the arts and arts exploration.

Health Science Academy

The Dover High School Health Sciences Academy is a comprehensive four-year program designed for students with an interest in pursuing careers in a variety of health and medical fields.

Honors Learning Community

Dover High School offers the Honors Learning Community for students in Grade 9. The purpose is to provide an interdisciplinary thematic approach to promote student learning.

AP Capstone

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are college level courses with a higher expectation than honors and college preparatory courses. Upon the completion of these courses, students are prepared for the appropriate AP Exam.

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